Why we started Gravy

No one dreams of getting a mortgage. 

We dream about a place of our own to call home – the swing set in the backyard, hosting for the holidays, space for our passions, peace and quiet, community.

Unfortunately, buying a home, and in particular, your first home, has never been harder. It’s the biggest purchase many of us will ever make. And yet, if you are one of the 100 million renters on the path to homeownership, you’re left to navigate it all on your own. We built Gravy for you, because that was us.

We’ve spent decades renting, lived in dozens of apartments, and paid hundreds of thousands in rent. Prior to starting Gravy, we built software that millions of renters use to find apartments, pay rent, and communicate with their landlords. Today, we are proud homeowners, but even for us, it wasn’t easy.

If you’ve saved for a down payment, your credit is in great shape, and you want to buy now, there is no shortage of amazing folks eager to help. Still, it’s no layup. But, the hardest part actually happens long before you go to an open house.

You’ve never bought a house before, they are expensive, and so is rent. Where do you start? How much should you save? What can you afford? What even is a mortgage, anyway?

Our singular goal is to help renters prepare to buy their first home with confidence and to get the best deal when they’re ready to buy. Gravy exists to make this daunting process simple, and hopefully even fun.

But there is more to homeownership than buying a house. The real reason we started Gravy was the following number: 40. The median net worth of a homeowner is 40 times greater than that of a renter. Home equity is the primary way Americans build wealth, but access is not equal.
Our mission is to make homeownership more accessible for all to open the door to 40x wealth creation for as many aspiring homeowners as we can. We don't think this is an issue that will be solved overnight, or by Gravy alone, but we are here to try.
If you’re a renter that aspires to own your home someday or a passionate creator that wants to help us unlock the American dream, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

Will, Jeff, Jimmy, and the Gravy Team