"A one-stop-app that helps renters become homeowners"

Where renters become homeowners

At Gravy, our mission is to make homeownership more accessible. No matter where you are on your journey, Gravy is the best way to buy your first house.
Start a house fund
Open a free Gravy Savings account to save up your down payment. We will help you set a goal - and hit it.
Earn rewards
Found money for first-time homebuyers, like 5% cash-back on rent each month toward your future home purchase.
Get the house
Your own homebuying team to answer questions along the way, and get you the best deal when you’re ready to buy.

Homeownership starts here

Save with purpose
Open a dedicated account for your down payment. FDIC-insured, secure, and totally free.
Get a personalized plan
Tell us about your house goals, get tailored recommendations, and put saving on autopilot.
Save up faster with gifts
Invite family and friends to send cash gifts straight into your house fund. Weddings, birthdays, etc.

Make your dream home a reality

Earn Gravy Rewards
Buy a house sooner by earning money toward your future home purchase.
Mortgage credit score
Track the unique credit score that mortgage lenders care about.
Connect with experts
Team up with amazing first-time homebuyer specialists every step of the way.

Why save with Gravy?

Different than most financial products, we obsess with one thing: helping you become a homeowner. It may not be as far away as you think.
No hidden fees
Your Gravy Savings & Rewards accounts are free forever. A Gravy+ membership unlocks even more homebuying tools.
Safe & secure
Gravy uses bank-level security, complete with FDIC insurance. We protect your money like it's our own.
Good vibes
Our mission is to help you buy a home. We've got your back and will always have your best interest in mind.

Gravy homebuyers save an average of 2% of the purchase price - that's $6,000 on a $300k house.

Estimated savings on closing day and over the first 5-years of a mortgage. Terms and conditions apply. See gravy.co/terms for details.


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