First-time Homebuyer 101: Real Estate Agents

First-time Homebuyer 101: Real Estate Agents

The secret weapon for successful homebuyers is an amazing real estate agent. Choose yours wisely!

Your real estate agent (AKA a realtor) will be the most important part of your homebuying team. They will help you:

  • 🔎  Find homes in your market/budget
  • 🏘️  Tour and evaluate houses
  • ✍️  Submit and negotiate offers
  • 🧭  Navigate the entire process

🧹 Housekeeping: Your realtor is paid by the seller out of their proceeds from the sale – typically 2% to 3% of the purchase price at closing.

  • You don’t need to pay your agent out of pocket
  • Agents win when you do – they only get paid when you close
  • Regardless of which agent you choose to work with, they will earn the same amount
💡 The best agent and the worst agent will get paid the same commission. So, you might as well work with the best!

What separates a good agent from a not-so-good agent?

  • Experience – Is this a full-time job or a side hustle?
  • Local knowledge – Have they helped buyers in your specific target area (and price range)?
  • First-time homebuyer expertise – Do they have a passion for working with first-timers (and the patience)?
  • Responsiveness – Is their communication timely and thoughtful?
👉 Ask for client references and interview multiple agents. There are amazing agents everywhere – don’t settle!

When should you get in touch with an agent? After you have a pre-approval in motion with a lender, which will help determine your budget, and about three months before your target move date.

How do I find the best real estate agent for me? Let us help! Gravy only partners with top agents at your local brokerages like Coldwell Banker and Century 21. In fact, 97% of their clients would recommend them to friends and family.

Get started right from the Gravy app! We’ll ask a few questions and then your homebuyer concierge will match you with one of our select partners (it’s free).

❤️ Gravy partner agents exclusively offer Gravy members a Homebuyer Bonus. That means you get the best agent and they share some of the proceeds with you (e.g. $1,050 on a $250,000 house). Amazing agents + Gravy Rewards = win-win.

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