First-time Homebuyer 101: Process Timeline

First-time Homebuyer 101: Process Timeline

For first-time homebuyers, the purchase process starts years before you get the keys.

Here are the 3 key phases in a successful homebuyers’ journey (with typical timeframes):

  • ☝️ Mortgage preparation (6 months to 6+ years)
  • ✌️ House hunt (3 to 6 months)
  • 🤟 Offer and close (4 to 8 weeks)

☝️ Mortgage preparation – start 6 months to 6+ years before you want to buy.

Mortgage preparation is the most important and overlooked step in the process. Before you ever talk to a mortgage lender or real estate agent, you’ll need to build your Homebuying Power. Here are some handy targets (not requirements) to shoot for:

  • 💰 Down payment + closing costs (target = 5%+ of home price)
  • 📈 Mortgage credit score (target = 620+)
  • ⚖️ Stable income (target = 2+ years)
  • 📉 Manageable debt (target = <10% of income)
  • 😀 Future plans (target = stay in new home for 5+ years)
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✌️ House hunt – start 3 to 6 months before you want to move.

Once you are “mortgage-ready” it is time to start house hunting. The first step is to shop mortgage lenders and obtain a pre-approval to confirm your budget. Next, interview real estate agents and start exploring homes in your target area and price range.

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🤟 Offer and close – budget 4 to 8 weeks before you get the keys.

You’ve found the one – now, submit an offer. With a pre-approval in hand, your offer is much more likely to be accepted. Once it is, your realtor and lender will quarterback this entire process:

  • ✅ Sign purchase agreement
  • ✅ Deposit earnest money
  • ✅ Begin mortgage underwriting
  • ✅ Get the house inspected
  • ✅ Have the home appraised
  • ✅ Review the title
  • ✅ Shop for homeowners insurance
  • ✅ Plan for utility transfer
  • ✅ Schedule any home repairs
  • ✅ Receive final mortgage approval
  • 🤑 Redeem Gravy Rewards
  • ✅ Complete final walkthrough
  • ✅ Sign paperwork and transfer funds
  • 🎉 Close

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